Zinc & Sigma II

Zinc & Sigma II

Traversing healthcare changes can be a chore—Unless of course you have an expert at the ready. Therefore, we are excited about a recent development here at Zinc and its implications for you.

Sigma II, a mighty contender in Cleveland’s group benefits and wellness scene, is now partnering with Zinc Insurance to bring you more comprehensive coverage options, along with expert advice. With over two decades’ experience, and strong Ohio roots, Sigma II is a leader in client-centric group health and wellness plans. Conveniently offering in-house compliance counsel and wellness coordinators, Sigma II is equipped to address your business’ varied concerns. Paired with their array of group health and wellness plans, specialized executive benefits options round out Sigma II’s offerings.

Excellence and ingenuity, adaptability and commitment are at the core of Sigma II’s philosophy. So while other employee benefits firms are aligning themselves with industry giants, Sigma II negotiates for clients’ best interests, never compromising customer service. And with their focus on wellness, Sigma II is well poised to navigate ACA requirements. It is our distinct privilege to partner with a company of Sigma II’s stature, and to extend to our clients Sigma II’s private healthcare offerings.

At Zinc we are proud to veer off the beaten track, delighted to share the path with a like-minded colleague. So while Zinc and Sigma II are still the reliable advisors you have come to know and trust, our combined arsenal of insurance, health, compliance, and wellness offerings ultimately benefits you.

So please, drop a line, shoot an email: Zinc agents are happy to explain how our partnership with Sigma II facilitates your success.

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