Pool Party Poopers

Budding trees, bright, happy flowers… winter is long gone. And during the lovely interim that is spring, you know we’re all dreaming of the lazy days of summer. Saturdays spent poolside, drink in hand, relaxing from a long week of work or school. But this quintessential summer fun spot can quickly become a danger, even a serious liability. Wet, slippery surfaces combined with inevitable running and frolicking create a nasty slip-and-fall zone. Without supervision and safety precautions, the beloved family pool can go from tubular, to tragic.

While practical pool safety tips abound and they’re easy to implement, there’s always a chance for the fluke, freak accident. Often, these things end in a trip to the hospital—and you may have to foot the bill. What else might end up on your plate? Think “pain and suffering” costs, and if it’s an adult that’s hurt, a suit could go so far as reclaiming lost wages. And while you can’t fight ‘inevitables’ that come with pool ownership, you sure can plan for them. So put your mind at ease and cover all your bases ahead of time, whether that means upping your homeowner’s liability coverage, or opting for an umbrella insurance policy. Either way, it’s a smart, responsible move. Summer’s almost here—Let’s gear up now to make it fabulous, safe, and memorable!

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