National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015

National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2015

Another year has come and gone; those 365 days move faster than ever. Today’s rapid time movement is reminiscent of the constant advances in technology, and how those changes beget shifts in cyber awareness—it’s hard to keep up! ‘New’ is often synonymous with ‘vulnerable,’ and staying on top of the latest—be it news, updates, or training—can be a tall order. Thankfully, the National Cyber Security Alliance condenses things, dedicating each October to cyber awareness and best practices. In its 12th year, National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is our nation’s official period to catch up on cyber tips and hints, and to dig deeper into underlying security risks.

While new threats have crept up, and age-old menaces made a comeback, these past 12 months have provided ample opportunity to come to terms with our ever-present ‘cyber reality’. As our knowledge base compounds, our awareness and resulting actions should be more deliberate, more protective—and that’s precisely what NCSAM 2015 works to promote. So whether we’re talking families, businesses or individuals, NCSAM offers simple, actionable advice for managing our increasingly connected lives. Keeping safe amid emerging technologies can be tricky, which is why available tools for families and businesses are such a help; NCSAM has everyone covered.

We all lead Internet-connected, digital lives, working, learning and playing online. And while that can simplify things on a practical, daily level, it’s also undeniably complex behind the scenes. Our nation’s critical infrastructure, and most of our nation’s businesses are also dependent on the connections that facilitate our daily activities. Factor in the Internet’s myriad, varied uses, and it’s easy to see why cybersecurity encourages societal growth and expansion. It’s also clear that because the Internet is a shared resource, safe management simply has to be ‘Our Shared Responsibility.’

In our über-connected world, we each hold a piece of the cyber-puzzle. So let’s play our turn wisely, with the goal of making our personal cyber-sphere both resistant and resilient. Because when care, caution and know-how combine, everyone’s safer; the picture—and the future—gets brighter. Let’s work to promote cyber awareness and encourage younger generations to reach out for a cyber-safe future, becoming cybersecurity champions in their own right. Only then can we all—from the National Cyber Security Alliance, to you families and business owners, to us at Zinc—share this responsibility. As we look forward to what the next 365 will bring, let’s make it our collective goal to live cyber-safely, proving that together, we’re a force to be reckoned with.

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