Retirement Investing and Personal Finance

Retirement Investing and Personal Finance

Las Doce Lunas

Many moons ago – 12 to be precise – goals were set, ambitions supercharged, anticipation heightened. We certainly hope that in your case, within both personal and professional realms, greatness was realized.

So, what is in store? Inquisitive minds want to know, and lunar cycles aren’t telling. As always, positive change doesn’t rely on a tenuous premise. There’s no substitute for clarity and fortitude.

And ZINC gets it—we understand that shifting paradigms call for new insights. So, whether it’s fretting over your family’s wellbeing, anticipating a security lapse, coordinating a life-change, etc., fall back on family. Give ZINC a call, pull our ear, and discover advice to ease your mind.

Try on these topics for size:

Healthy or Healthful?

The Affordable Care Act. Yes, it’s been in effect for months, but given specific concerns, we may not all possess equal understanding. Contact us with any questions, general or policy related.

Road Trip!

Somewhere down the line. Whether it’s a day trip, or a cross country haul, retirement is waiting for you. Positive? Sure! Potentially frightening and financially confusing? Definitely! Give us a ring, ask about the “pay yourself first” principle. Let’s make this a smooth ride.

Act II, Scene VII

“All the world’s a stage…” you know the rest. Our lives shift between new roles, new scenery, and new players: Will was spot on. Looking back at Act I, do changes in circumstances (i.e.: job change, relocation, family obligations, business expansion, etc.) merit a policy tweaking? Drop a line, re-write your script.

Junk Mail?

No, this is a catalog of a different stripe: Noun and verb combined. And unless you’re someone’s Great Aunt Thelma, you’ve likely updated, upgraded and generally “bettered” your home or business in the recent past. Word to the wise: Get it in writing! Take the time to amend your personal or professional inventory.

Life’s tides can tug us here, shove us there. At ZINC, our craft is seaworthy; we offer knowledge and experience to boot. What’s more? We genuinely want to steer you through life’s storms, unscathed. Let’s traverse the next 12 moons together.

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