Homeownership & Roof Replacement: RJK Construction

Owning your home is a big deal. It’s the quintessential goal toward which so many strive. Something else about homeownership: it’s a never-ending investment. But since we recognize that from the outset, we can understand why insurers could chalk up major home repairs—such as roof replacement—to the natural progression of home ownership and maintenance. Seeing then, that at some point in our lifetime we’ll be replacing that most important feature of our home, the floodgates of questions open: How do I choose a contractor? What do I need to know beforehand? Where do I even start?

We find that generally, when we’re making a big decision, we gain strength and confidence from relying on family and friends, and learning from their experience. As part of our Zinc family, we’d offer you no less. So here’s a bit of good news: we have a stellar recommendation when it comes to an excellent contracting company, and its all-around good-guy owner.

We’ve known Jamie Kirkland of RJK Construction for a while now. Thanks to his self-made, progressive mindset, both he and his company have been on the upward track since founding the business back in 2001. A full-service roofing and siding contractor based in Willoughby, OH, RJK is built on strong customer service, solid construction talent, and dedicated professionalism. Jamie and RJK take pride in their work, and want the same for all their clients, regardless of budget.

That last bit is increasingly important in this day and age, when so many demands are made on our hard-earned funds. Jamie and his staff get that, and they’re totally focused on making their clients’ investment both positive and lasting. After all, in such a serious undertaking as roof replacement, durability should be a deciding factor. Having formed RJK “from a simple idea that was meant to stand the test of time,” Jamie understands that too.

Simplicity in steadfastness: now that’s an approach we can get behind. And while there’s a good deal more to learn about Jamie, RJK and their collective story, we think they’d tell it far better. So when you find yourself in the market for a big-ticket item like a new roof, be sure that there’s a proven professional—and a genuinely great guy—on your side.

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