Harboring Safety

BBQs and bonfires are in full swing, and the seasonal countdown begins. It’s the time of year for adventure, for stepping out of the norm. But as thoughts may shift from backyard swimming hole to open seas, let’s be sure our safety net is cast wide and far.

Because while there’s little that’s more relaxing than bobbing along any given river, more exciting than rocketing across a favorite lake, or more thrilling than sailing through wild waves, be assured: every yin has its yang. And as memory-making as a day at the beach can be, it could also be a catastrophe in the works. Simply add water, and risk level skyrockets. Whether we’re talking accidental damage, tow and recovery, fuel spills or bodily injury to a passenger, there’s a lot to know when it comes to safe and responsible boating. And if little ones are on board, precautions and safety considerations take on even more weight. Given the fact that a perfect trip is hard to come by, if things go awry, you can be sure that fines, fees and other bills will add up, and fast!

How to counteract the threat, making responsible choices for yourself, family and friends? We’re glad you’re wondering! Thankfully, whether you’re the proud owner of a boat, jet ski, or other watercraft, trusted protection is within reach. Since options vary and limitations exist, looking into coverage before the season hits high gear is a solid choice.

So let’s get to making memories and exploring this great big world we call home, knowing that peace of mind is ours for the taking.

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