Data Sharing and Privacy—It’s a Give and Take Thing

Data Sharing and Privacy—It’s a Give and Take Thing

We all generate a seemingly unending stream of data on a daily basis, much of which flows right into businesses’ info stores. It’s a given that as customers, we’ll have to give to get; we know that much. But what should be expected from the entities that house our personal details?

Being Open to Privacy

What’s potentially unsettling is that, “[We] don’t know exactly what’s being collected or when it’s being collected,” let alone why. The onslaught of data breaches in recent years has undermined consumer confidence, and according to a Pew Research study, “91%… agree that ‘consumers have lost control of how personal information is collected and used by companies,’ …The public also has little confidence that companies and organizations can keep their personal data secure.”

Yet, in the face of this reality, we all routinely—and willingly—give personal information for something of value. And that’s because every relationship is built on the give-and-take model. But in a trade-off so fragile, and with potentially high stakes, we’d argue that both parties should take a more cautious stance.

New World Public Order?

Right now, as an international community, we’re looking toward a future that will be forever concerned with privacy; we’d go so far as to say that it’s a fundamental part of being human. But society shifts, and humanity changes. In fact, some feel that eventually, personal privacy “will be considered a fetish,” and that with an increasing dependence on technology, “publicy” will replace privacy. But for us, that’s a distance from now. We look ahead undistracted, busy with the give and take of our growing dependency on technology.

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