Data Privacy: It Does a Business Good

Data Privacy: It Does a Business Good

Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust. These tried-and-true tenets resurface every January 28th for the National Cyber Security Alliance’s (NCSA) annual Data Privacy Day (DPD), and 2017 was no exception. DPD’16 saw unprecedented media coverage and impressive levels of engagement online and via social media. Building on that success, the NCSA and its top-notch advisors encouraged even further involvement this year. Education was especially stressed, and that’s really fitting: in the end, cybersecurity depends on the individual—no one can be cybersafe for us.

Numbers don’t lie: last year’s cybersecurity debacles underscore our fundamental need for heightened data security. And in today’s hyperconnected world, everyone has skin in the game. So, what lies in store? How can we manage the give-and-take of everyday life in the digital age?

As we have in the past, Zinc stood alongside the NCSA and their DPD “Champions,” educating staff and customers, cluing folks in to potential data security dangers, and sharing useful cyber safety tips. And while DPD’17 is behind us, we’re going to keep right on sharing. Join us, won’t you? Click on over to our Twitter and Facebook feeds for engaging tidbits, and check our blog for regular installments of pertinent cybersecurity info.

DPD proponents have long encouraged moving beyond mere awareness, and getting in on the discussion. So before 2017 gets away from us, let’s resolve to use the lessons learned, educating ourselves and our employees, improving and crystallizing cybersecurity resolve, and maintaining flexibility in the face of looming threats. Armed with knowledge of risks and recourses, we’ll then be ready to confidently take on this ever-escalating cyber war.

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