Data Privacy Day 2016: <br>#PrivacyAware Is Where I.T.’s At

Data Privacy Day 2016:
#PrivacyAware Is Where I.T.’s At

In today’s hyper-connected digital landscape, privacy is hard to come by. Really, that should make us value it all the more. And while in the business world this is especially true, that’s just one piece of the ever-expanding cybersecurity puzzle.

The National Cyber Security Alliance has long known that “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust” is our collective responsibility—it’s a fitting theme. So this January 28th, as Data Privacy Day (DPD) enjoys its annual, international recognition, proponents will strive to move beyond mere awareness. This year’s DPD is all about empowering, inspiring and encouraging consumers and business leaders alike to get involved in the data privacy discussion.

Zinc is excited to serve once more as a DPD Champion, sharing privacy and cybersecurity gems via our blog and social media platforms. We welcome you to get involved too! Here’s an easy way: Check out a lively Twitter discussion and follow Zinc and the official #PrivacyAware hashtag to find nuggets of data privacy wisdom to use and share. Because when we all recognize the importance, that’s a great foundation to build on.

Data privacy is high on the priority list in this new year—Whether at work, home, school or play, we all need to be proactive. So let’s join the conversation this DPD and discover how to be more #PrivacyAware in our own lives, our own way.

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